Value Creation


At CLP, we utilise various inputs to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and the wider community.

Financing Financing
  • Shareholders’ funds of HK$102,331 million
  • Total borrowings of HK57,515 million


  • Financial risk
  • Market and commercial risk
Resources and infrastructure Resources and infrastructure
  • Generation and energy storage capacity of 18,123 equity MW
  • Long-term capacity and energy purchase agreements of 5,168MW
  • 250,177TJ of coal and 146,370TJ of gas consumed
  • Transmission and high voltage distribution lines of over 17,000 km
  • 15,780 primary and secondary substations in Hong Kong


  • Operational risk
  • Market and commercial risk​
  • Transformation risk
Talent and expertise Talent and expertise
  • 16,282 employees and contractors in our total workforce


  • Operational risk​​
  • Transformation risk
Technology Technology
  • Strengthened technological capabilities to develop Energy-as-a-Service business model
  • Digitalisation of operations
  • Investments in technology companies and funds
  • Partnerships with innovation accelerators


  • Operational risk​​
  • Transformation risk

We operate in different parts of the energy value chain in each of the markets we are in, tailoring our solutions based on the local context.

  • Procure adequate and appropriate fuels and energy resources from diversified sources
  • Design, build, operate and invest in centralised and decentralised generation facilities with increasing deployment of low-carbon energy sources
  • Design, build, operate and enhance transmission networks to facilitate integration of more clean energy into the grid
  • Design, build and operate distribution networks
  • Integrate distributed energy resources into the grid
Energy Orchestration
Energy Orchestration
  • Develop and deploy customer-oriented, technology-enabled energy services that help customers become active participants of a power system
  • Widen and deepen customer relationships as an energy orchestrator to enable decarbonisation, electrification, energy efficiency and management, decentralised generation and storage
  • Data analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) facilitate flexibility of entire energy system
  • Enable dynamic system balancing that integrates centralised and decentralised generation, and balances demand against different generation profiles to optimise cost efficiency, reliability and environmental performance
  • Enable delivery of smarter and greener energy products and services
Competitive funding and attractive financial returns
  • Total dividends of HK$7,832​ million to shareholders
  • Solid liquidity position with access to cost-effective sources of sustainable financing
Reliable, reasonably priced and low-carbon electricity supply and sustainable energy solutions
  • World-class supply reliability of 99.999% in Hong Kong
  • 7.4% annual drop in 2024 Average Net Tariff in Hong Kong​
  • Greenhouse gas emissions intensity of electricity sold dropped to 0.54kg CO2e per kilowatt hour
  • Diversified solutions to help customers decarbonise
Safe workplace and career progression
  • 822 new recruits in core markets of Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • 44.1​ hours of internal and external training and development per employee on average
  • Reduction in the Group’s total recordable injury rate and lost time injury rate
  • Staff expenses of HK$4,749 million​
Contribution to policy, business and economic development
  • Current income tax of HK$1,709 million
  • Operating costs of HK$58,633 million
  • 2024-2028 five-year Development Plan approved by Hong Kong Government
  • Supporting national- to city-level policy making on energy transition
Positive social impact / climate action conscious
  • Donations of HK$9 million
  • Continued initiatives under CLP Community Energy Saving Fund to support people in need and improve energy efficiency​
  • Programmes to promote youth development and active ageing as well as to assist the underprivileged